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About Eventinglb
What is it ?
• EventingLb is an interactive platform that allows businesses and individuals to promote their events to online and offline audiences using customized online tools that allow for an unparalleled reach. From conferences, workshops, exhibitions to sporting, outdoor and nightlife events, if it is happening in Lebanon, it can be found on EventingLb!
How does it work ?
• For those looking to host their events on EventingLb, our website allows for promotion, live‐coverage and publishing of their events.
• We are the first online ME platform that covers Lebanese events in real‐time while synchronizing with social media networks ‐‐ High Resolution Images, Videos and Posts that will offer events the online impact needed to attract much larger audiences then only those in physical attendance.
Who we are ?
• EventingLB is composed of a team of professionals with a variety of skills yet one common sentiment: an Adventurer’s Spirit.

• Our website launched at the beginning of May 2013 and has already begun hosting a diverse group of events.
How Events are covered ?
Events are covered using 2 main methods:

1- Online promotion:

Placing events on search engines and developing links with key websites/partner, Specifically:

• Strategic online partnerships.
• Search engine optimization and submission.
• Email marketing, commonly HTML emails that are branded inline with the website.
• Banner advertising on high traffic volume websites.
• Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn…).
• Forums discussions.

2- Offline promotion:

Capitalizing on various promotional andadvertising strategies, Specifically:

• Press releases and media coverage.
• Brochures.
• PR communications.
• Sponsorships.
• Complimentary gifts.