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Tania Kassis & the Italian Navy Orchestra in the Italian Newspapers

Date: 09/12/2016 - 13/12/2016

On the occasion of the Christmas Concert which was held this week-end
in Taranto - Italy in the beautiful Cathedral of San Cataldo, the
event starred International World Music Soprano Tania Kassis along
with the Italian Marine’s Military Brass Orchestra.

Tania Kassis’ performance in Taranto has been organized in
collaboration with the Italian Navy, The City of Taranto, the Palio de
Taranto, the Rotary Club Magna Grecia, the Conservatory of Music
Paisiello, and the “Chitaretarentum”,

Tania Kassis’ performance in Duomo di Milano in May 2015 and at the
Opening Concert of the Rimini meeting this summer has touched the
heart of thousands of Italians.

"I am very happy to be back in Italy," she said, "in Lebanon there are
18 confessions. Pope John Paul II said that Lebanon is more than a
country, it is a message of pluralism. In difficult times such as
those we live now, it is important and fundamental to build a strong
relationship between religions”.

“I am honored by the Mayor of Taranto’s warm welcoming and proud to be
invited by the city of Taranto to perform here and realize the dream
of Francesco Simonetti to sing the Ave Maria, a dream he has kept in
his Catholic heart for many years”.

Tania Kassis interpreted many Christmas songs accompanied at times by
the “Chitaretarentum” ensemble (a group of 7 guitarists) and for the
rest by the Italian Marine’s Military Brass Orchestra. The Taranto
audience was very happy by her interpretation of “Buon Natale In Tutti
Quanti” wishing everyone a Merry Christmas in French, English,
Spanish, Arabic and Italian. A well deserved standing ovation left
the audience mesmerized after her emotional Ave Maria which was
repeated a second time at the end of the evening.

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